Monday, February 12, 2007

Riley's story continues...

This is about Riley from The Sims Life Stories

So after all the drama:

Riley married Mickey and gave birth to her first child. A son named Peter

But the story didn't end there...

Riley, Mickey and Peter packed up there bags and moved to a new home. (living in her Aunt's home just didn't work for her)

A spacious Two story home On 12 Hyacinth Circle.

At first everything was going well. Riley was advancing in her Entertainment career. Mickey was moving up the career ladder too. With Riley's career going so well, she decided to have a make over. She cut her long red hair into a trendy style and added a few blond highlights.

Riley couldn't be happier and Mickey seemed like the perfect father...

But on his days off, He would invite over his co-worker Ashley Sinclair. They always had a secret attraction going on, but Mickey tried to curb his desires.

Ashley was bad news.. And Mickey couldn't resist. With a Romance Aspiration, he was inclined to act on these emotions...

But Ashley always left before Riley returned home from work.

Riley sensed that Mickey was acting distant. He went to bed early without even talking to her. he didn't cuddle with her at night.

Then one morning, Riley received a call from Dylan Kincaid

Her first response was to hang up on him.

"Why are you calling me?!" She demanded.

He explained that he was released from Prison and back in town. He said he felt remorse for all that he had done and his time in Jail allowed him to reflect on his life. He realized that the only good thing in it was HER.

He knew it would take time for her to forgive him or understand. He just asked for her to let him come over to talk and explain. She said she would think about it.

and hung up.


Mickey's affair with Ashley was getting more and more intense. They were now meeting outside at night while Riley was busy with their son. Mickey was obsessed and utterly overwhelmed with Ashley. It was all he thought about... all day long...

Riley felt lonely and lost. Mickey wasn't talking to her at all anymore. The distance between them grew larger every passing day.

She called Up Dylan and invited him over.

When he arrived she jumped in his familiar arms and he gave her a tight hug.

Even thought she knew he was criminally inclined and troubled... She felt comfortable in his arms. People make mistakes. People can change. They talked for hours that night.

And for days afterwards they would meet and just talk. He explained everything and she listened. She had to hide it from Mickey. He would never approve of their friendship...

Riley and Dylan tried to deny the feelings they still had for eachother after all these years and despite everything. And then it happened...

They kissed.

And Mickey walked into the kitchen..

It got ugly.

He started yelling at her. "How could you do this?! How could you cheat on me with this degenerate CRIMINAL?! What is wrong with you?! How could you even bring this man into our home?!"

Then the abuse started. Mickey slapped her over and over across her face.

Dylan was horrified.

Riley burst into tears of shame and confusion. All of this was happening in front of their Nanny and their son. She was utterly distraught and broken.

Mickey and Dylan had a face off. The two men began fighting in a cloud of dust.

Mickey ended up on the ground in a heap. He lifted himself off the ground and left the room in a huff.

At that point... Riley realized who she was really meant to be with...

Dylan Kincaid

Dylan invited Riley to his house and asked her to move in with him.

Riley knew that she would lose most of her money and luxuries. It was a big decision but she needed to follow her heart. Money can't buy happiness.

Riley and her son, Peter moved in with Dylan..

Peter embraced his new father while Riley watched on the sidelines.

She knew Dylan would make a good father.

She knew that this was his chance to start over and set things right. It was a new beginning..

For all of them.

Now Riley is pregnant with her second child.

This one is Dylan's...

They all couldn't be happier..

The Kincaid family living together on 24 Hyacinth Circle.

To be continued...

(this is for my sister... hope you liked it.)